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Writing is a struggle against silence

It’s not often that one discovers true *gematrocities in life, but I always am intrigued when I do. Recently, (special thanks to Dank Kingdom Christian Memes Facebook Group) I gleaned information regarding, and their blog that exposes the false, pretending wolves in Christianity. I would estimate there to be about 500 posts, or more. Each exposed faker getting their own personal blog entry dedicated specifically to them, and updated as the need requires.

Some of my favorite ones: “Baptists Exposed,” (who knew every single Baptist was exactly the same?) “Christian Motorcycle Group Exposed” “Alcoholics Anonymous Exposed” “Ray Comfort Exposed” and no one, mind you, gets off the hook here. Dozens of individual churches, (if deemed worthy enough) obtain their own delightful read. The Amish, Mennonites, and any branch of Anabaptist that exists or wants to exist has been dutifully exposed.