My Voice In Pen

Writing is a struggle against silence

About Me: 

I like words. Always have. I appreciate the endless combinations and possibilities with words. I like written words. I admire the longevity, the art of gracefully aging as it takes it’s place in history. Written words is the nearest tool we have to impacting infinity.

My interests include sociology, religion, culture, politics, literature, humanity, Orthodoxy, and travel, to name a few. I refuse to be a niche, that looks terrifyingly confining. My soul wanders at random, and my pen acts as it’s voice regardless. My curiosity will ensure I continue to expand my footprint, as I chase the endless horizon in ever pursuit of the road less traveled. Cheers.

One thought on “The Authoress

  1. BrianTut says:

    These are indeed the end times, but most are in the Falling Away. Trust God that He will lead you to the truth. The real body of Christ is outside of the Church.
    We know what’s going to happen, and we will send you prophecy which you can discern. To receive it, take a chance, text email or postal contact info to 541/930/4440


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